Friday, November 14, 2008

Online Class HTML Level 2

This course covers the Strict DTD of HTML 4.01. During the eight weeks, students will develop a web site of their choosing, become familiar with the HTML 4.01 Strict, understand how to use basic CSS for presentation and produce valid markup. The class covers complex table structure, image maps, forms, accessibility awareness, and a short introduction to Javascript. Incorporating multimedia files are also briefly covered. CSS is discussed on a basic level and the goal is to introduce students to tools that enhance HTML.
Week 1: Validation, Planning and CSS
Differences between Transitional and Strict DTDs
Basics of CSS for Strict documents
Planning a website
Validating documents
Week 2: META Elements and Accessibility
What are meta elements?
How do users access the web?
Creating a 3-page website
Week 3: Complex Tables and Lists
Properly nested tables
Complex list structure
Week 4: Image Maps and Phrase Elements
Creating an image map for a website
Using phrase elements effectively
Week 5: Multimedia
Methods for embedding multimedia into a webpage
Week 6: Javascript Basics
Event Handlers
Status bar messages
Images rollovers
Week 7: Forms
Creating basic forms for website
Week 8: Domain Names, Search Engines, Wrap up
Discussion on domain names and search engines
Final project site submission
Students must have basic HTML, as covered in this course: Introduction to HTML, or similar knowledge. Although knowledge of CSS is not required, it is encouraged. The course will cover only the basics of CSS.
Students must have webspace where they can post their assignments. Students will need to have at least two browsers installed on their computer. Current versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Mozilla are recommended.
Required Book: HTML and XHTML: The Definitive Guide, Fifth Edition [ Suggested Book: How to Do Everything with HTML and XHTML ]

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